dinner last night

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Minestrone soup, a slice of sourdough bread for digestion, beans and rice w/505 green chile, avocado and Full Post

Plant powered Halloween

Plantpowered Halloween - 1
Each year at Halloween parents are asked to bring treats for their kids’ class. Renee brought this. Full Post

October beyond organic grocery bill: $1173.10

Having 2 months of grocery bills over $1000.00 brings back the question, “Is eating organic and beyond organic more expensive”? Full Post

Natalie Maines – Silver Bell

Getting my 015/016 ski season playlist ready. I love her voice, so powerful. http://www.heyheyrenee.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/04-Silver-Bell.m4a Full Post

Hollywood Vampires covering Cold Turkey

Phish covering Frankenstein

Phish covering After Midnight

Phish – Free

Phish covering Loving Cup

freestyle smoothie

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Okay, so each day I make a smoothie. Some days, I make one out of The Plantpower Way. Other Full Post