Coconut Shake

It’s a Coconut Shake. Much tastier and much better for me, than a milk shake. Read Full Post

Plant Powered Way Monk Blend on the way to CWS

I was in a hurry to go see Cooder, White and Skaggs at BellyUp the other night. So I made a Monk Blend. Read Full Post

One Bowl #3

Tonight’s dinner, I did it myself. Yup, I did. One Bowl #3. Read Full Post

Plant Powered Veggie Patty lunch

Today I had 2 Veggie Patty’s left over from last night. Read Full Post

Is eating this “Plant Powered Way” hard, does it take a lot of time?

In this post I wrote that eating this way takes “about an hour a day”. I also wrote that “it’s hard”. Read Full Post

Veggie Burger + Coconut Shake

MTD grocery bill: $443.91 Renee made Veggie Burgers from the book. They were great. For desert I MADE, that’s right, I MADE, Coconut Shakes. Read Full Post

You Can’t Take It With You

I’ve lived for years either looking ahead or behind. I’ve learned I’ll never be content until I’m happy with what I have. Read Full Post

Bill Maher – Spy vs. I

I’m not a Bill Maher homie, but I watch his show. Last night’s New Rules piece was good. As the late David Carr wrote in this piece, “my frame of reference is as neither a Luddite nor a curmudgeon”. Read Full Post

015/016 ski season begins

Today I celebrated the end of 014/015 ski season and the beginning of the 015/016 ski season. I never want to say “the last day of the season”. Read Full Post

Plant Powered Way day 47 update

Howdy, Day 47. Feeling great. Even better, Renee loves this — she’s totally psyched. MTD grocery bill: $443.91. This includes $43 and change for 2 pans we had to buy for 2 of Rich’s recipes. Read Full Post