Hike hike

The doggies and I haven’t been getting out as much so far this summer. It rained every day in May, then I was all over the place. Read Full Post

Let’s Make Love

Television is better than the Internet

For me, television is better than the Internet. When I watch a tv show on Netflix or HBO, I don’t have to deal with ads. Read Full Post

Roundup = cancer

Here’s a piece from The Undercurrent on Roundup. Each day, my family does all we can to defund Monsanto.   Read Full Post

Mung Kicheri

Howdy, Last night Renee made Mung Kicheri, from the Plant Power Way. I loved it. celery stalks carrots coconut oil mung beans cumin lemons water tumeric apple cider vinegar celtic sea salt cilantro Read Full Post

Plantpower Way Chocolate Milk

It’s chocolate milk from the Plant Power Way – slightly modified. 6 cups filtered water 1 1/2 cups Hemp Seeds 3 heaping table spoons of Cacao Powder 8 pitted dates (soaked first for about an hour) Pour into the Vitamix, blend for 2 minutes or so. Read Full Post

Happy vegan 4th of July

Tonight Renee celebrated 10 years. Awesome. Tonight we also had the best 4th of July meal we’ve ever had. Not only that, it was the healthiest. Read Full Post

June grocery cost: $850.36

So in June we spent $850.36 on groceries. Keep in mind we buy all organic — everything. So this cost could have been lower. Read Full Post

note to self: if i’m not happy with nothing, I’ll never be happy with anything

Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church (EAM)