Mass Surveillance Isn’t the Answer to Fighting Terrorism

Great piece in the NYT. We lost a lot of freedoms after 9-11, we can’t let the past be prologue. Full Post

Facebook is not the Internet

Facebook is not the Internet
There’s not one thing on Facebook we’d miss if it were gone. But we can’t say the same about the Full Post

Removed by Eric Pickersgill

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Removed by Eric Pickersgill “The joining of people to devices has been rapid and unalterable. The application of the personal Full Post

Searchable speech is here. Will it help or hurt us?

Catching up on re-posting some links that made me think. This is one. What Searchable Speech Will Do To You Full Post

How many likes and views aren’t real?

I’ve always been skeptical of likes and views. Does anyone really know how they’re calculated? Has anyone audited the tech Full Post

Could a Bank Deny Your Loan Based on Your Facebook Friends?

The idea of Facebook is good. It’s everything about them that’s not. This piece is a great example why. Full Post

Stop Googling. Let’s Talk. Addiction connects with me in so many ways. Whether it’s my addictions to booze and weed, the addiction of Full Post

Peace loving Muslims, please stand up

Winter - 1
It’s winter here, tomorrow will be a powder day. Seems trite though, in light of what’s going on in the Full Post

flyin the flag

BSOD - 1

Big Food Using the Tobacco Industry Playbook

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We donate monthly to It’s a free site, btw, you don’t have to donate. It’s the best single Full Post