Ashley Monroe – country music

I got turned onto Ashley Monroe by listening to Don Henley’s new record, Cass County. Henley calls her “the next Dolly Parton”. Read Full Post

September beyond organic grocery bill – $753.34

September was our best month yet. We found out we were wasting some food, because we were buying more than we needed. Read Full Post

Praying for Rain

Don Henley’s new record Cass County is his best work in a long time. It’s wonderful, I can’t quit listening to it. Read Full Post

Sustainable Settings Harvest 2015 – Build Soil Or Die

SS_Harvest_2015 - 6
Thank you Father and Mother for the food we are about to receive. Read Full Post

Dear, “those who wish to lose weight and live healthy” people

First, I apologize in advance for using a discrminatory word. I’ll only use it once. The fat people shaming video was not the way to connect with others who have weight issues. Read Full Post

Cowspiracy – how animal agriculture is destroying the planet and what you can do about it

Renee and I switched to a plant based diet on May 1, 2015. Since then, we’ve both experienced incredible changes in our bodies, in our health, and how we feel. Read Full Post


I was in Telluride last weekend at a wellness event. The reason why I went was to meet three people who’ve had a huge impact on my family’s lives – Dr. Read Full Post

Cashew Vanilla Cream

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Here’s the Cashew Vanilla Cream from The Plantpower Way.   Read Full Post

August grocery bill = $1282.03

Ouch! Our highest bill yet. There’s a few reasons why we spent so much: 1. We stocked up on a years worth of honey It’s honey season in Paonia, we stocked up for the year. Read Full Post

Sardinia Minestrone, Spanish Beans & Rice, Peach Pie

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Here’s a video of the Sardinia Minestrone from Blue Zones. Mixed with probiotic cabbage and avocado. Plantpower Way Peach Pie for desert with his Cashew Cream. Read Full Post