Happy vegan 4th of July

Tonight Renee celebrated 10 years. Awesome. Tonight we also had the best 4th of July meal we’ve ever had. Not only that, it was the healthiest. Read Full Post

June grocery cost: $850.36

So in June we spent $850.36 on groceries. Keep in mind we buy all organic — everything. So this cost could have been lower. Read Full Post

note to self: if i’m not happy with nothing, I’ll never be happy with anything

Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church (EAM)

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)

PCRM logo - 1
Howdy, MTD grocery bill = $709.29. Wow. That’s great (pun intended). Keep in mind everything we buy is organic and we buy our eggs from Rose. Read Full Post

Plant Powered Way One Bowl #4

Here’s another One Bowl, from the Plant Powered Way. One Bowl’s are great, because you just combine left overs. Renee aims for color. Read Full Post

Happy Fathers Day

Happy_Fathers_Day - 2
Extremely grateful for my beautiful family. Happy Fathers Day to you and yours!   Read Full Post

Breakfast – egg whites, green chile, Ezekiel tortilla and Coconut shake

Here’s today’s breakfast: Egg whites using Organic eggs from Costco. 505 Green Chile Organic Jelly from Costco on an Ezekiel tortilla Coconut shake Not completely Vegan, because of the egg whites. Read Full Post

It is easier to raise healthy children than to fix broken men

Green Bronx Machine
Because of Rich Roll’s fantastic podcasts — he gives good podcast (Rich’s quote, not mine) — I just learned about Stephen Ritz. Read Full Post

Coconut Shake

It’s a Coconut Shake. Much tastier and much better for me, than a milk shake. Read Full Post