The Case of the Iranian Agent

This is classic Jon Stewart. One of his best. Read Full Post

I’m On My Way is here

Years ago when I started SkipTracy I had some Dick Tracy posters framed for the office in LoDo, downtown Denver. Last night I ordered the Apple Watch, because BellesLink is going to work great on it. Read Full Post

38 years and counting

Dan and Danny get married
Here’s what 38 years together looks like. Oh. The one on the left is my big brother. He’s way cool. xoxo, big bro. Read Full Post


This film, Cowspiracy, is causing me to take another look at going Vegan. It’s also causing me to re-examine what else I can do as part of mine and my family’s commitment to saving the planet. Read Full Post

Frontline: The Fight for Yemen

This is a must watch piece that recently aired on Frontline covering how bad things are in the Middle East. You’re not going to find this on CNN, Fox, or any other mainstream news site. Read Full Post

The fuse is already blown

Here’s an interview my friend Robert Castellino from Climate Colorado sent me with noted scientist Eric Rignot, talking about how the ice sheet is “falling apart”. Read Full Post

Colorado ganga sales bring in $2.3 million for schools — in one month

For all those who think legalizing pot is the wrong idea, take another hit. Because in January, weed sales brought $2.3 million bucks for our schools.  Give it up, people. Read Full Post

Facebook, Google, et al, they know everything us. But we can’t know anything about them.

NY Times: For Tech Titans, Sharing Has Its Limits So it turns out that if you want to work on a tech titan’s house, you have to promise not to tell anyone. Read Full Post

How climate change puts national security at risk

Okay, so Rolling Stone is taking a beating right now for the UVA rape story. I’m sure the right will want to make a big deal out of this. Fair enough. Read Full Post

Islam, Extremism And The Role of Women – The Diane Rehm Show

The best discussion I’ve heard so far about Islam, Extremism, and Muslims was on the Diane Rehm show about a week ago. Read Full Post