Deep Blue Sea Blend

Howdy, So today after exercising I felt like a Deep Blue Sea Blend from the owners manual, aka, “The Plant Power Way”. Read Full Post

Living life as a gardener

Roger Cohen wrote a great piece today, here: The Great Unease I’ve been in tech since 1989. Most of these  years I was using; drinking and smoking pot all day every day. Read Full Post

Chia Seed Pudding

Howdy! It’s the Chia Seed Pudding from Rich and Julie’s book. Total cost = $2.45. And we’ll have pudding for a couple of days. Read Full Post

Kelp Noodles and Purple Kale

Hike Hike in May - 1
Here’s the Kelp Noodles and Purple Kale recipe from Julie and Rich’s book. This dish is delish, like everything else in their book. Read Full Post

Plant Powered kitchen

So we tried doing the plant thing before. But the food didn’t taste good and it was too much hassle. Then I found Rich Roll’s website. Read Full Post

A-Basin on Saturday

Saturday was a great day at A-Basin. The snow was great, Wash Park Funk Band was jamming. Great, dance band btw. Read Full Post

SOB #8

SOB8 - 7
Yesterday was the 8th Annual SOB party. I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude.

Sun and Moon

Sun and Moon
Meet my friend Tim. Tim believes in alternative energy, see the solar thermal panels. He’s installing 12 more on the back of his house. Read Full Post

The Case of the Iranian Agent

This is classic Jon Stewart. One of his best. Read Full Post

I’m On My Way is here

Years ago when I started SkipTracy I had some Dick Tracy posters framed for the office in LoDo, downtown Denver. Last night I ordered the Apple Watch, because BellesLink is going to work great on it. Read Full Post